Zolar Photon Dental Diode Laser Soft Tissue 3 Watts Complete Set NEW


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The Photon  3 Watt is  an ideal dental  diode laser with  810nm diode flexibility and complete portability has built-in tutorials and the  best multi-lingual interface. There are 20 unmatched pre set programs that are  fully editable.

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Product Description

Best  Features
The Small Size Makes It Easy To Store And Carry
The Photon 3 Watt dental diode laser is quite small in size and this makes it  very easy to carry around, enhancing portability. True portability and  affordable cost features make the Best Dental Diode Laser available in the  market.

Pre-set Procedures and Customised Programmes

Photon 3 Watt dental diode laser is certified by FDA (Food and Drug  Administration), Health Canada (MDL) & European standards, offers 21  adjustable/customizable programs along with 4 custom programs. An adjustable  aiming beam adds to the various amazing features of this product.

Large LCD and Battery

It is a good idea to have a large LCD display as it helps smooth functioning. To  ensure the security of your settings the device has digital password protection.  It is perfect for minor and major surgeries with a super long lasting battery  that is easy to recharge. These features make the product highly usable and  convenient.

Wireless Foot pedal & Disposable Tips

The wireless foot pedal is not only convenient but also very comfortable. Also,  disposable tips make the dental diode lasers extremely safe. With these features  Photon Dental diode laser is ready to become the Top Diode Diode Laser available  for dentists for all dental problems and soft tissue treatments.

Powerful Applications

The Photon Laser is surgical dental device, intended to use in wide range of  oral soft tissues and tooth whitening procedures. This dental medical technology  of using dental diode lasers to cure gum inflammations and infections is highly  recommended as a reliable and instant cure for most periodontal ailments.


Applications of Zolar Dental Diode lasers
(Photon Series) Aesthetics & Surgery
• Exposure of unerrupted teeth
• Excision of lesion or removal of Granulation Tissue
• Fibroma removal
• Frenectomy Gingival troughing for crown impressions Gingivoplasty
• Hemostasis and coagulation
• Gingival incision and excision hemostasis
• Implant recovery
• Incision and drainage of abscess
• Leukoplakia
• Operculectomy
• Oral papillectomies
• Pulpotomy as an adjunct to root canal therapy
• Reduction of gingival hypertrophy
• Soft Tissue crown lengthening
• Gingival bleeding index
• Excisional and incisional biopsies
• Treatment of canker sores, herpetic and aphthous ulcers of the oral mucosa  Vestibuloplasty


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