Zeiss Humphrey Acuitus 5015 Autorefractor Keratometer

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The Zeiss Humphrey Acuitus 5015 Auto Refractor Keratometer offers expanded refracting capabilities, allowing a practice to refract children and elderly patients alike. The Zeiss Acuitus 5015 also allows refraction one-day post operative of IOL and refractive surgery patients. The Zeiss Acuitus 5015 includes a flat color screen display which produces clear and concise images. Additional features on the Zeiss Acuitus 5015 include auto acquisition, auto XYZ, making the measurements easily acquired. Additional benefits on the Zeiss Acuitus 5015 are automatic eye detection, thirty measurements per second, and RS 232 interface. The Zeiss Acuitus 5015 offers a multitude of features in a small compact footprint at an extremely affordable price point.

Product Description

Autorefractor/Keratometer that
can take a combination of refraction, central and peripheral keratometry. Unit has been tested with a reference eye (not included) and as well with a test subject and
takes accurate OD/OS reading.
Great unit for your optometry practice.
Unit is patient ready. This has just been professionally calibrated by our optical engineer.
Also includes a printed out Acuitus 5015 User manual,power cord.


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