Planmeca ProMax 2D S3 Panoramic Xray

$24,000.00 $21,500.00

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Planmeca ProMax 2D S3 offers a complete maxillofacial imaging system. Our digital specialist recommends this model to any practitioner with an intention to upgrade to 3D in the future.

Product Description

NEW in Original Planmeca Crate ProMax 2D S3 Digital Panorex. 3D Upgradeable.  Comes with Dimax 3 Digital Sensor. This Unit is New.

  • Easy patient positioning
  • User interface provides guidance to user
  • Autofocus for perfect panoramic every time
  • Robotic arm technology provides flexible, precise and complex movements required for rotational maxillofacial imaging.
  • All the imaging programmes you need
  • Child mode for reduced dose
  • ProMax 2D S3 is easily and cost effectively upgradeable from 2D to 3D.
  • Upgradeable to Ceph



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