Essilor Gerber Kappa CTD Patternless Edger

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Essilor Kappa CTD Drilling, Grooving, Safety Bevel Kappa CT Lensometer.

Product Description

• Good Condition
• W/ Drill And CT Tracer/Blocker
• Allows for literally push button operation
• Can accommodate a multitude of shapes
• Drilling patterns
• And notches with its built-in drill
• The drill assembly can drill holes
• Straight and angled notches
• These holes and notches can be in any direction
• Vertical, horizontal, or angled oblongs
• The drill feed, speed and rotation is optimized
• but can be modified if desired
• Up to 10 combination per lens are allowed
• With drilling diameter down to 0.8mm

Main features:
• -True 3D patternless edging
• -Ultra-High precision frame tracing and blocking
• with built in auto lensometer
• -Integrated lens grooving or drilling
• -Cuts down to 14.5mm depth
• -Color LCD viewing screens
• -Memory capacity of 200 shapes per unit
• -Stand alone and network
• (you can link up to 15 edgers and 5 tracers)
• -Automatic centering
• -Shape modification of the lens, groove, and drill
• -Automatic lens blocking
• -Recognition of drill holes
• with the auto lensometer and camera system
• -Memorization of drill hole co-ordinates


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