Carestream Kodak RVG 6000 Digital X-Ray Sensor Size 1 & Size 2


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As the digital radiography has become an important part of dentistry, the need, demand and focus to develop best and innovative digital dental sensor systems has increased. One of the best digital dental system among other sensors is Kodak RVG 6000. The Kodak RVG 6000 digital radiography system is a new generation digital system that gives the highest resolution along with an advanced design that is easy to use.

Product Description

The Kodak RVG 6000 digital radiography system is a sensor used to take digital x-rays. It uses high-speed USB 2 technology that allows images to be acquired and displayed in just seconds. This streamlines the exam process and allows dental professionals to communicate results immediately.

  • Chairside control mounted on sensor cable
  • Proprietary sensor technology that includes proprietary optical fiber technology and other innovations
  • Uses high-speed USB 2 technology
  • Streamlines exam process
  • Allows dental professional to remain by patient’s side while x-rays are taken
  • Produces quality images in seconds
  • Allows dental professionals to communicate results immediately

Specification :

Size 1 sensor
External dimensions 40×27 mm
Dimensions of the active area 30×22 mm
Matrix 1600 x 1200 pixels (1.92 Megapixels)

Size 2 sensor
External dimensions 45×32 mm
Dimensions of the active area 36×27 mm
Matrix 1920×1440 pixels (2.76 Megapixels)

Both Sensors
True resolution >20 lp/mm
Theoretical resolution 27.03 lp/mm
Pixel size 18.5 microns
Shades of grey 4096
Sensor technology SuperCMOS + Optical fibre

Image archiving 12 bits
Remote control dimensions 128x23x14 mm
Image format Medical
Connection USB2 – 500mA
Cable length excluding extension 2.50 m
Imaging software TW 6000


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